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William Hodge AIA

 Bachelor of Architecture with highest honors The University of Texas at Austin, 2001 AIA Henry Adams Medal, 2001 Registered architect #19074, state of Texas, 2005-present Member, The American Institute of Architects, 2005-present .


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Steve Beard

 Bachelor of Applied Arts + Sciences, Industrial Occupations Tarleton State University, 2006 Associate of Applied Science, Drafting + Design Technology Texas State Technical College, 2003 Certification, Project Management Professional, 2015-present Professional Member, American Institute of Building Design, 2015-present .


David Green

 Associate of Applied Arts + Sciences, Computer Aided Design Austin Community College, 2011 Certificate, Architectural + Engineering Computer Aided Design Austin Community College, 2010 Professional Member, American Institute of Building Design, 2015-present .

Sabrina Quinones

Introduction to CAD, CAD Institute 2016.

Lisa Vela

Studied Business Management UTSA  and SAC 1990; Formerly owned/managed 2 pet stores in Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV. 1994-2001; Licensed Manicurist 1994 to present;  Employee Services Manager of multi-building complex 2006-2016. Currently studying Real Estate.

OCHONA Philosophy


 The performance of an action or act of production with the least possible use of time, materials, and energy. OCHONA homes are designed to be as efficient as possible, in the most efficient way possible. No space or material is wasted. No time or effort is wasted. And no energy is wasted – in the design, in the production, or in the function of the OCHONA home. 


 The thrifty and efficient use of material and non-material resources. OCHONA homes are designed on a budget, for a budget. Our clients have strict limitations of finance and we design to those limitations. Our homes are economical to design, economical to build, and economical to buy. 


 The precision and simplicity of the solution to a problem of science. OCHONA homes are designed to be as elegant as possible. Our designs are edited down to their essence: everything in the design, everything in the drawings, everything in the construction is necessary to our solution to the problem of shelter. And we believe that the modern solution is the best solution 



 OCHONA homes are spacious, regardless of size. Spacious where it counts: in areas where people live and spend their time. Servant spaces are made as efficient as possible so that area can be devoted to the special places in the home. 


 OCHONA homes are filled with views and light. Lavish attention is given to the design and placement of windows for maximum e ffect. In an OCHONA home, the outside comes in. 


 OCHONA homes are an experience. Even our smallest homes feature the careful manipulation of low and high and dark and light to create a pleasant and delightful procession through a home. Experience sells. OCHONA designs homes that sell. 

ochona system of practice


 OCHONA homes are designed to be rational. Plan and elevation are designed at once. Elements coordinate, materials align, walls line up. No effort is wasted in complexity for complexity's sake. Everything has its place and is in its right place. 


 OCHONA homes are designed to be standard. We utilize a standard template for all designs and all drawing sets. Fixtures, materials, windows and doors are selected from a standard menu of options. No effort is wasted in recreating basic elements of design. 


 OCHONA homes embrace the beauty of repetition and reap the benefits of repetition. One window is used ten times, not the other way around. A good idea is a good idea forever. 


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